producing audio for VR and spatial sound has never been easier


Berlin based Dadamachines is currently building a new, simple, open Headtracker in collaboration with Spatialmedialab. The software is based on the Mr.Headtracker from IEM and Daniel Rudrich. The hardware is completely built from scratch by Dadamachines https://dadamachines.com/.

The firmware is built with the help of Kay Sievers who is working at a lineup for modular instruments at https://versioduo.com/

A Working Protoype is already there, now the final board design is in the making! Final Prototypes should be at our hands hopefully in november – if corona doesn’t throw more sticks…

If there are any features you’re missing – now is the moment to let us know. Feel free to comment below or drop me a message


  • USB-C, plug’n’play Headtracker (no drivers needed)
  • sends Quaternion data (default) via 14-bit MIDI CCs, switchable to Euler angles
  • Hardware Button to reset position
  • RGB LED, with adjustable colors, and dark-mode for performance situations
  • easily configurable via web browser (Web MIDI API) Look here -> https://support.dadamachines.com/configure/
  • save firmware updates also via browser
  • Open Source Firmware and Software
  • can be used out of the box without additional software e.g. in the IEM SceneRotator
  • comes with Multi-Platform software to convert MIDI stream to OSC
  • Easy integratable because, well, Open Source
  • developer friendly: permissive license! feel free to use our provided C++ classes, and the headtracker can be easily used with your software!
  • additional hardware module planned for wireless applications (e.g. bluetooth or wifi)
  • price below 50€
  • worldwide shipping