SML Meetup #12 – Sharing Inspiration and Influences

Welcome to the Lab!

The Spatial Media Lab is hosting our next meetup! The goal for this meetup is to bring people in the field of spatial media together to connect and discuss, to grow the quality of the work and expand the tools that are created. As this meetup is non-hierarchical, we will simply host the space and discuss what we are working on and then let the the night flow. If you have something you’d like to present, please reach out to us in advance!

The theme of this meetup is Sharing Inspiration and Influences. In this meetup we want to hear from you what Spatial Audio excites, inspires, and influences your work, and why! We will have an 8.1.5 speaker setup in our Multi-Use Room for listening to some music together to bring some influence and inspiration to us all! We can listen to music directly from Apple Music using Dolby Atmos or we can playback some material you may have on your computer. We will also play some material from past projects we have worked on from artists Jan Wagner, Bendik Giske, Carolina Eyck, Caterina Barbieri, and more! Let’s get inspired together!

If you would like to bring some music to listen to, please reach out to us in advance at events[at] so we can prepare your tracks for playback.

If you are joining in person, please RSVP using our Eventbrite link!
If you are joining online, simply show up at the designated time.

Thursday, 14.03.2024 at 7pm (19:00) Berlin time.

In-Person @ The Spatial Media Lab
An der Industriebahn 12
#407 1.OG
13088 Berlin

Online @ Gather.Town

Eventbrite Link:

Note: While it is possible to join online, we will try to send a binaural stereo signal to the online meetup, but we are unsure if this will work with all of the material, or if it will work at all via Gather.Town. We are using this meetup as a bit of an experiment, so please keep your expectations low and provide us feedback!