Spatial Media Lab Resources

Reaper Ambisonic Template

Spatial Media Lab has created a template for working with ambisonics, up to 7th order, with Reaper. Documentation included in the links.

Reaper 7 Templates
Reaper 6 Templates

Speaker Configurations

Here are the available speaker configurations that the Spatial Media Lab has created for different studios.


SML Tracker

Find everything about our open-source motion tracker here.

Repositories on Github
Tracker Configuration Page

External Resources

IEM Plugin Suite

The Spatial Media Lab has worked closely with Daniel Rudrich who developed these plugins. All of these plugins are open source and required to use any of our Ambisonic DAW Templates

IEM Plugin Suite

Ambisonic Sound Library

Røde and Soundfield have come together to create a totally free collection of first order ambisonic recordings that you can use in your compositions.

Ambisonic Sound Library

Open Air Library

The Open Air Library is a free collection of Ambisonic (and stereo) Impulse Responses to use with a convolution reverb.

Open Air Library