Join us!

If you would like to become a member of the Spatial Media Lab, e.V. and participate in building a community of scientists, experts, tinkerers, and artists, sign up using one of our two forms below. It costs only 10€ per month to join the Lab.

What benefits come with a Spatial Media Lab membership?

  • 20% off studio/room rental for personal projects
  • 20% off tickets to workshops and SML-hosted events
  • Access to our private Telegram, a group full of experts in spatial and immersive media
  • Access to our private Notion Workspace used for organizing projects, funding, and more
  • Plus, every one hour worked on building/supporting the Spatial Media Lab e.V. will equate to one hour personal use of the facilities. That means if you paint a wall, make graphics for a social media post, help update and support the website, or work on a project pro-bono, you will earn one hour of personal usage of one of the Spatial Media Lab’s rooms of your choice for whatever reason you want.

Where do I sign up?

Choose which payment cycle you would prefer, Annual or Quarterly, and click on the respective application form. After you have filled out and signed your chosen PDF, please send it via email to

Annual payment
120€ one-time per year

Use this application if you would like to pay your 120€ membership fee once at the beginning of each year

Quarterly payment
30€ four-times per year

Use this application if you would like to split your membership fee into four 30€ payments throughout the year

By signing up you agree to abide by our goals and purpose, you can read more about this in our Satzung (Articles of Association): DE | EN. If you want to know more about our billing and payments read our Beitragsordnung (Membership fee regulations): DE | EN.

In this economy?

If you are a student, unemployed, or have another special case there is a discounted membership, which costs 60€ per year (50% off), which can be billed annually or quarterly. Please reach out to us via before filling out the form.

How about I just give you some money?

Since we are a Verein (read non-profit) everything we do is for the community. All of the templates, hardware, software, and knowledge that we produce is provided here, open source, for free or at cost. If you would like to support us financially and help us fulfill our mission of bringing together the spatial media community and improving the content created, consider becoming a Fördermitglied (supporting member). Both businesses and individuals can become a Fördermitglied. You can contribute any amount by selecting and filling in the 3rd option, or use one of our suggested amounts.

Use this application if you would
like to use your membership fee to
financially support the Spatial Media Lab e.V.

After you have filled out and signed the above PDF, please send it via email to