SML Meetup #11 – Welcome to the Lab!

Welcome to the Lab!

This month we have some very special news to share with everyone…

We have a headquarters!!!

We want to use this meetup to introduce everyone to our new headquarters, brainstorm ideas for how to use the space, and just generally celebrate this accomplishment 6 years in the making. Come on by, have some drinks, and let’s get creative!

Here are some details about the HQ:
1. It’s located in Motorwerk-Berlin
2. It’s 200qm
3. It’s (currently) 7 rooms
4. It has an elevator

Some plans we have:
1. A multi-use room where we will host workshops and meetups
2. An Atmos/Ambisonic mixing studio
3. A music room, for recording with instruments
4. A co-working space
5. A quiet/meeting/phone room
6. A small maker-lab with 3D printer and soldering irons

Have some ideas? Want to help with construction or financials? Want to be a part of something bigger? Come join the meetup and see what’s possible! We look forward to hearing from the community and using the space for everyone.

When? Thursday, 18.01.2024 at 7pm (19:00) Berlin time.

Where? The Spatial Media Lab Headquarters!
An der Industriebahn 12, #407 1.OG
13088 Berlin

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