Spatial Media Lab @ MANIFEST:IO

Spatial Media Lab @ MANIFEST:IO

This month, instead of our typical monthly meetup, the Spatial Media Lab will be paying a visit to Timelab’s MANIFEST:IO Festival in Alte Münze on Saturday, the 24th and Sunday, the 25th. Come join us!

The festival is aimed at making immersive and transmedia more accessible, especially to students, by keeping ticket prices low at only 5€ plus tax! Timelab aims to bring artists, researchers, scientists, and students together to help grow the community and build bridges between these different fields. This is obviously something that we believe and support wholeheartedly, and we are happy to participate in this year’s festival!

The Spatial Media Lab will be supporting the festival by supplying and installing a 8.1.4 ambisonic half-dome sound system consisting of 12 Genelec 4430A Smart IP speakers plus one the box pro Achat 112 Sub A subwoofer from our headquarters and studio space in Motorwerk Berlin.

In addition to supporting the festival, on Saturday, February 24th at 12:20, we will speak about our experience of setting up a Verein, some of our past projects, our new 200qm headquarters in Weißensee, and the upcoming workshops and projects we have planned. Make sure to join our talk: Spatial Media Lab: Conception, Construction, Community

Then, on Sunday, February 25th from 11-14h, we will be holding a masterclass in ambisonics using Reaper and the IEM Plugin Suite with artist Ross Alexander. We will cover some of the basics of composing and recording in ambisonics, as well as how to use our Reaper template.