Spatial Media Lab @ MANIFEST:IO

Spatial Media Lab @ MANIFEST:IO This month, instead of our typical monthly meetup, the Spatial Media Lab will be paying a visit to Timelab’s MANIFEST:IO Festival in Alte Münze on Saturday, the 24th and Sunday, the 25th. Come join us! The festival is aimed at making immersive and transmedia more accessible, especially to students, by… Continue reading Spatial Media Lab @ MANIFEST:IO

Reaper + IEM Templates 1.8 update

Just last week we updated our Reaper templates to version 1.8 based on the updates from the IEM plugin suite, as well as incorporating the many learnings over the last year that we’ve had with working with our template. Below are some notable changes: 1. We have included two GranularEncoder tracks. Since the release of… Continue reading Reaper + IEM Templates 1.8 update