SML Meetup #5 – Musically Spatial

Welcome to the Lab!

The Spatial Media Lab is hosting our fifth meetup! Big news this time around, we will be hosting our meetups on the last Tuesday of each month, so keep an eye out for our newsletter.

The goal for this meetup is to bring people in the field of spatial media together to connect and discuss, hoping to grow the quality of the work and expand the tools that are created. As this meetup is non-hierarchical, we will simply host the space and discuss what we are working on and then let the the night flow. If you have something you’d like to present, please reach out to us in advance! The theme of this meetup is Musically Spatial Compositions. We want to hear your spatial audio compositions. This could be Dolby Atmos, Ambisonics, VBAP, or any other spatial audio format. Please bring any projects you have (ideally) on a thumbstick, best case is if it is pre-rendered. Also, bring your laptop as a backup if we are unable to open the project on our system. We also want to hear about your process for composing the piece and what tools/effects you used.

When? It’s happening on Tuesday, 25.07.2023 at 7pm (19:00) Berlin time.

Where? This time we’re having a Hybrid meetup, both in person at the Genelec Showroom inside of KOST in Berlin, and digitally at Gather.Town. We can host ca. 25 people at KOST so please come early!
PhysicalKOST, Münzstraße 10, 10178 Berlin

After the meetup we’ll meet at our digital bar (you just have to bring your own drinks)

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