TouchDesigner x IEM EnergyVisualizer Heatmap Template

TouchDesigner x IEM EnergyVisualizer Heatmap Template

In collaboration with Josef Pelz, we now have a TouchDesigner template that links up with the IEM Plugins EnergyVisualizer to create a Heatmap in TouchDesigner that you can use to start triggering your visual events. And, it’s super simple to setup!

Simply use our Reaper Template and make some sounds (the order doesn’t matter for this demo’s purpose), open the EnergyVisualizer plugin on the Ambisonic Master channel (yellow channel), click the OSC button in the bottom left, and set the IP to and the Port to 9010, and the Interval to 1ms then click Connect.

Once you start playing audio you should already see some movement in TouchDesigner! This is a kind of 0.1 version of this template, so keep an eye out for improvements and if you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to Josef directly at

Additionally, if you’re interested in collaborating with us on this project or any others, please reach out via

Check out the video below for an example…

Download the template here!

If you make anything using these templates, please let us know! We’re always curious who is using our tools and are very curious how we can improve them.

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